Housekeeping Course - Workshop Topics

Total Quality Housekeeping® Course Workshop

A Day of Learning That Enriches A Career

  • Why Housekeeping is a Profession
  • About the TQH System
  • What is Soil & How Many Are There
  • The Difference Between Spot & Stain
  • Nature’s Role in the Art of Cleaning
  • The Two Cleaning Actions
  • What is pH & How Does it Impact Cleaning
  • What Makes Soil Similar to a Battery
  • What Are Binders & How They Affect Cleaning
  • Number of Detergents in a Cleaning Arsenal
  • Why Neutral Detergents Clean Poorly
  • Sanitizers & Disinfectants… Same or Not?
  • Why Disinfectants May Be Dangerous
    What is an Illegal Practice According to EPA
  • Why a “Non-Acid” Bathroom Cleaner Can be Many Times More Dangerous Than a “Friendly Acid” Bathroom Detergent
  • The Relationship Between Water & Detergent
  • Why Cold Water Lifts Grease, Oil, & Fat Best
  • Hot Water or Steam CANNOT Remove All the Grease From Floors, Grout, or Carpet
  • When to Wet Mop and Never Damp Mop
  • Correct & Effective Flat Mopping Procedure
  • How to Eliminate Special “GI” Cleaning
  • How to Make Autoscrubbers Clean Perfectly Without Leaving Residue or Streaks
  • The Dynamics for Perfect Cleaning of Showers, Restrooms, Fixtures, & Kitchens
  • 100% Odor Elimination Without Requiring Special Detergents or Deodorizers
  • Make Permanently Spotted and/or Dull Glass Mirrors Bright As New Again
  • How to Prevent Detergent Misuse
  • When to Replace Mopping With Wet Vacuuming 
  • How to Make Kitchen Floors as Safe as New
  • What Makes a Wet Mop Perform Best
  • How to Select the Correct Mops & Tools
  • Truths About the 95% & 5% Costs Rule
  • Floor Machine Pads, Brushes, & Screen Discs
  • “Wet Look” Floor Finish System for All Floors
    Up to 10 or More Years Without Having to Strip
  • Selecting the Correct Burnishing Pad
  • Spray Burnishing versus Spray Buffing
  • One Chemical Cold Water Carpet Cleaning
  • Clarifying "Green" Regulations
  • The Power of You - Rewards of Being the Best

Bring Your Questions • Bring Your Housekeeping Problems • Bring Your Staff
You will leave the Housekeeping Course Workshop with a proven innovative approach to housekeeping.
Most of all... You will immediately be able to apply what you learned.

housekeeping course

You will leave the Housekeeping Course Workshop with the knowledge for achieving job excellence.