Cleaning Products List - Certified Products

The TQH certification objectives are straightforward…

Cleaning Products Must:

  • Be safe for personnel to use as well as its effect on our ecology.
  • Comply with government regulations.
  • Outperform all other cleaning products of its type tested by TQH as well as in the field by a host of facilities. Field performance is checked regularly.
  • Work at minimal consumption compared to similar performing cleaning products tested for equal task requirements. In theory, the least cleaning product used will be in Nature’s best interest.
  • Be the least expensive to use and/or maintain. Since labor is about 95% of housekeeping costs, it is imperative that a certification process treat labor costs as a major decision making component.
  • Be monitored regularly for its in-use performance and contribution to overall facility health. Labor and material costs need to be as low as possible.
  • Have Qualified Education and Training Support.
  • Have Technical Support and Job Procedures.

The following Gabriel First Corp. Cleaning Products List comply with above standards:

  • Fast-1-2-3® EFP Cold Water General Detergent
  • Walls ‘N All-EFP Cold Water Bathroom Detergent
  • Ultra Strip II Floor Finish & Wax Stripper
  • Emulsion Seal for Resilient and Hard Floor Coverings
  • Ultra Gloss® "Wet Look" Floor Finish (All Versions)
  • Maxi Gloss-1 Spray Burnish Concentrate
  • Crème Cleanser Paste Cleaner
  • Primo-Pro™ Wet Mops
  • Con-Patch™ Epoxy Mortar
  • Premier Industrial Sealer for Concrete, Paint, & Coatings
  • Tantum-1 Carpet/ Upholstery Encapsulatation Detergent

The following End Use Pro, LLC Cleaning Products List comply with above standards:

  • Velox-103 Cold Water General Detergent
  • Totus-77 Cold Water Bathroom Detergent
  • Entero-3000 Concrete Sealer/Finish
  • Pentro-33 Floor Finish & Wax Stripper
  • Signator-10 Resilient & Marble Sealer
  • Durus "Wet Look" Floor Finish
  • Tergo-26 Paste Cleanser
  • Convello-22 Carpet/Upholstery Encapsulatation Detergent