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Certification is based on product performance, safety, and in-use cost. TQH Certification means no other Cleaning Products tested have a better overall value.

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Simply said, chemicals clean and/or protect. Tools need to make achieving the best results happen using minimum labor. Since labor is about 95% of a job’s cost, it is easy to see that there is no benefit in buying anything but the best quality Cleaning Products. Always resolve the chemical choice(s) before selecting tools.

The first step in the process of building a TQH high-performance custodial program, is Education and Training. Step two is to issue TQH-Certified Cleaning Products for custodians to try according to the training videos associated with their job assignments. TQH Consultants are committed to serving our clients as often as their assistance is required.

Our Cleaning Products & Procedures

One procedure does not fit all chemicals. For example, a TQH-Certified cold water detergent used for daily wet mopping will emulisfy grease, oil, or fat within seconds and will not leave a residue. Therefore, a rinse step will not be in the wet mopping procedure. Also, if a TQH-Certified Wet Mop is used with a gear-driven wringer, solution release will be controlled so that only one pickup pass will be needed. TQH Cleaning Products certification ensures maximum performance.

Cleaning Products Certification Begins With Performance Research

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cleaning products

Our Expert Technical Consultants

One point about which you may be assured… TQH Consultants garnered their knowledge the best way possible—In the field, on-the-job, and by constant interaction with chemical formulators. Daily, they learn new facts as well as situations in which their rich knowledge and experience can be injected. TQH Consultants recommend the best Cleaning Products for the job and guide only in the best interest of the client.

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Every call into the TQH Technical Department is handled in a professional manner…

A case number is set up and maintained until the issue has been resolved. Digital pictures and, sometimes, videos are requested. When the TQH consultant feels that forward action is OK, a strategy is worked out with the client and necessary Cleaning Products and procedures are prepared and provided to the client.