Total Quality Housekeeping ®

The System With Your Success Built In™

A Building & Grounds Manager Prepared To Empower the Staff

When a leader supports staff training, positive results will happen at much lower costs.

Staff performance, pride, and loyalty will be exceeded only by management's application.

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Cleaning Product Excellence Must Precede A Training Syllabus

Before any claim can be made to having training qualifications, the cleaning product for which the training is designed must be certified to work as good as the best. Since labor represents 95% of staff costs, a decrease in cleaning product quality will dramatically increase labor costs.

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Providing Quality Cleaning Education

TQH Housekeeping Trainers, educate management and supervisors on how to train their custodial staff.

The TQH concept works because all levels of your team are educated and trained before TQH-Certified cleaning products are issued to your staff.

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TQH Housekeeping Education & Training Ensures Results

A TQH-Certified detergent mixed with the coldest water will penetrate and totally remove packed-in grease and grime.

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TQH-Certified Floor Finishes Are Designed To Last Up To 10+ Years

As with our bodies, we must have a healthy daily living routine in order to optimize our existence.

A floor finish cleaning product must also have an excellent daily upkeep routine that ensures maximum soil removal.

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Free Problem Solving & Training

We Will Respond Quickly & Effectively

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Live Workshops

Maximum success requires that all levels of management and staff have common understanding of the profession plus training consistent with their job level.

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Effective leadership begins by asking the best questions, in the correct order and then field ideas for building a team strategy for moving forward. TQH Advisors guild the process.

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Certified Products

Certifiication ensures best results, safety, and lowest in-use cost.

TQH Certification means no other product has a better overall value.

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Client Reviews

“TQH has changed how we think about soil and the way we perform our tasks. Retrospectively, TQH has re-energized our Housekeeping Program. ”

– Housekeeping Supervisor

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